Restoration project on the Rio Grande through Alamosa

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From the Valley Courier (Julia Wilson):

“The river was broken into small sections and a study that included hydrologic, capacity and floodplain, geomorphology, riparian habitat, and diversion structure analyses were made of each section,” [Mike Gibson, manager of the San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District] said. “Local planning issues were taken into consideration and integrated into the studies. Then the consulting team doing the study and the technical advisory committee were ready to prioritize projects.”[…]

Gibson said the information from the study gave guidance on how to restore the health of the river and provided seven goals:

• Maintaining and/or improving the quality of the water in the Rio Grande River is the first goal set out in the restoration plan.

• Have stream flows mimic a natural stream flow in rivers.

• Implement diversion structures to encourage the best use of the river.

* Protect the channel and 100-year floodplain.

• Maintain or enhance the river for recreational use.

• Lead local groups that support the project in best use improvements.

• Seek funding from state, federal and grant sources.

The projects along the river are all aimed at improving the way the river functions, he said. There will be multiple benefits from the work being done on the local stretch of the Rio Grande River. These benefits include stabilized stream banks, reduced erosion and sediment loading, reconfigured channel, re-establishment of native vegetation (willows), and an improved stream flow.

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