2010 Colorado elections: The Denver Post endorses John Salazar over Scott Tipton

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From the editorial staff at The Denver Post:

Salazar has shown an ability to work with people from differing political views to seek solutions that work for the district. In significantly advancing the prospects for a veterans’ cemetery in the Pikes Peak region, Salazar, an Army veteran, has worked with Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn and former Sen. Wayne Allard, and more recently with Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet. He also managed to get a $6 million appropriation for the Arkansas Valley Conduit, which will bring clean drinking water to 40 cities and towns along the 140-mile pipeline. The promise of clean drinking water to these poorer communities was made in the 1960s. It’s about time that promise is kept.

Salazar’s challenger in the race, Scott Tipton, is a conservative Republican and Cortez businessman who lost to Salazar by a wide margin in 2006. Tipton, a state lawmaker who also has deep roots in the district, is knowledgeable about the issues, and touts his private sector experience. He’s clearly qualified for the job.

We just think voters in the 3rd district will be better off with Salazar, a known quantity and reliable voice for the district.

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One thought on “2010 Colorado elections: The Denver Post endorses John Salazar over Scott Tipton

  1. What a joke! A “reliable voice”? Salazar would not come back to his district for any face to face town hall meetings regarding votes on some of the most important legislation in our country’s history. You obviously don’t live in the 3rd. He has been a No Show and follower. He has failed to lead on any important issues and is a puppy to Pelosi’s desires.

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