Smart irrigation controllers controlled from your devices

From The Denver Business Journal (Greg Avery):

Highlands Ranch-based RainCommander and Boulder-based Rachio both make sprinkler timers that customers can manage from apps on their smartphones or computers.

Each startup pushed to get to market this spring, seeing a big potential in selling convenience and efficient water use. Existing timers are notoriously laborious for people to set up and adjust, creating a big chance for a company making a sprinkler adjustment as simple as updating a calendar on your iPhone.

“It’s a natural idea, and 10 years from now everybody — or almost everybody — will be controlling sprinklers this way. Hopefully with RainCommander,” said Mike Shupe, co-founder and chief technology officer of RainCommander.

People might not automatically think of needing a $250 sprinkler timer and a sprinkler app on their phone. But both RainCommander and Rachio say they’re finding a receptive audience.

Shupe and his sister-in-law, Deb Shupe, started RainCommander after Deb Shupe went looking for a sprinkler timer remotely controlled from a computer or smartphone and couldn’t find any on the market.

RainCommander publicly debuted in March and has 150 systems installed and another 78 ordered through a recent Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign, Mike Shupe said.
RainCommander is targeting homeowners and property management and landscaping businesses that have to adjust dozens if not hundreds of residential and commercial lawn sprinkler systems. It’s in talks to get a presence in big-box stores, too.

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