Climate Change: “…it is hard to tell a positive story around ski resorts” — Eliot Whittington

Copper Mountain snowmaking via
Copper Mountain snowmaking via

From Reuters (Alister Doyle):

A few areas of the world might benefit from a shift in tourism, such as Alaska or northern Europe. And elsewhere, seasons may shift.

The report said the Costa Brava region of Spain’s Mediterranean coast, for instance, was trying to draw tourists outside the summer months, responding to a lack of water and high temperatures during the high season.

The study also said there was some evidence of people traveling to new destinations at risk of vanishing in a warming world, such as glaciers, the Arctic, Antarctica or coral atolls.

“However, the opportunities presented by such ‘last-chance’ tourism will, by definition, be short-lived,” the report said.

It also said that an increase of 1 meter (3 feet) in sea level rise this century – the upper bound of scenarios by the U.N. panel – would damage up to 60 percent of resort properties in the Caribbean and swamp many airports and ports.

“Every part of the industry needs to … think about what more can be done to adapt to climate change, as well as how to continue the process of reducing the impact of their operations on the environment,” Stephen Farrant, director of the International Tourism Partnership, said in a statement attached to the report.

Travel accounts for about 75 percent of tourism’s greenhouse gas emissions. More efficient planes, vehicles and greener fuels could help curb emissions, it said.

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