Photos Capture New Flows in #ColoradoRiver Delta — Audubon #COriver #aridification

Colorado River water diverted at the border into Mexicali Valley irrigation canals is being returned to the river, starting on May 1, 2021, via a spillway about 35 miles downstream, bypassing the driest part of the channel (where water infiltrates quickly into the sand). Photo: Jennifer Pitt/Audubon

From Audubon (Jennifer Pitt):

Water delivered through the desiccated channel will benefit the environment.

I had the great fortune to take my first, post-pandemic trip to Mexico to see the river flowing in the Colorado River Delta (click HERE for background). For 164 days the United States and Mexico are cooperating under the terms of Minute 323 to deliver environmental water. The flow rates and locations for water delivery are intended to optimize benefits for the delta ecosystem, and over time monitoring reports will tell that story. For now, I can share what I saw:

The river is flowing! Observers have not yet confirmed that the freshwater has met the sea, but they think it may with the next high tide. Photo: Jennifer Pitt/Audubon
Environmental water delivery is timed during the late spring and summer to help native trees germinate. The cottonwood seeds were evident. Photo: Jennifer Pitt/Audubon
It’s hot in the delta (122F/47C the day of my visit). My Mexican friends say the wildlife is loving the water. Photo: Jennifer Pitt/Audubon
People love the river too! Photo: Jennifer Pitt/Audubon

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