Coyote Gulch’s excellent EV adventure — Sequoias Day 4

Rolling River Falls Kings Canyon National Park August 2, 2022.

We drove to the end of the road in Kings Canyon on Day 4. The canyon is impressive and it was great to see the turbid water in the South Fork of the Kings River indicating that the area had seen rain recently. In fact, when we were enjoying the Roaring River Falls thunder could be heard a short distance away. The canyon floor is forested with the now familiar varieties of trees that make up the canopy. There is also a variety of shrubs and flowers for the botanically suited like my traveling companions, the horticulturist and the geneticist.

A huge bonus for me were all the farms along the route that Tesla navigation chose for us. What a bounty of fruit and other crops. Folks that know me well know that I love farmers and farming, and of course the infrastructure to move water it where it is needed.

This was the first day that we really depended on the range of the Tesla Model 3. There are no charging facilities after you start the climb from the valley floor. There would be few locations where the trickle charger would be useful. We picked up 6% from the regenerative braking system from the Grant Tree lodge down to the valley floor. The Model 3 had good charge left when we stopped at the Supercharger in Traver to charge up for Day 5.

Charging the Tesla August 3, 2022 for the next day in Kings Canyon and Sequoia national parks.