‘It is a lot of balls in the air that we are juggling’: #Utah reservoir operators bracing for high #runoff, making room for #snowpack — The Deseret News

Click the link to read the article on The Deseret News website (Amy Joi O’Donoghue). Here’s an excerpt:

After years of drought, Mother Nature came through this year, and came through big, delivering record snowpack, and with that comes record runoff in many locations.

“We never quite thought we would see this,” Hess added. “It is crazy to think about how much snow is piled up in the mountains.”


[Darren] Hess said Pineview Reservoir has already been sending water to the Ogden River, which meets up with the Weber River around 12th Street in Ogden. Any flooding that has happened downstream has been the result of controlled releases, he added, as operators are jockeying to make room for more water. The basin is trying to keep Pineview as empty as possible, although that is difficult with an over-the-brim Causey Reservoir upstream that is at capacity. It empties into Pineview…

And Quick emphasized strongly this is not a guessing game for any of the water associations, system operators or anyone else involved in the intricate game of managing water that many people don’t understand — in times of drought and times like this year.

“They are not doing this willy-nilly. Just about every scenario has been analyzed.”

But consider this reality that keeps reservoir operators up at night, with a bottle of antacids at their side:

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