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Your donation today directly supports The Wildlands Conservancy’s acquisition and stewardship of a 320-acre private property at the mouth of Cottonwood Wash. Its location at the southern boundary of Bears Ears National Monument controls access to tens of thousands of acres and dozens of miles of Cottonwood Wash and its tributaries. This important inholding is a crucial piece of the puzzle for protecting the larger landscape.

If the property is not acquired for conservation, it could be developed for private use, locking tribal members, researchers, scientists, and the public out of a critical portion of Bears Ears National Monument. Such a disastrous loss of access would prevent cultural site stewardship and ceremony, archaeological research, outdoor education, ecological restoration, spiritual refreshment, and world-class recreation.

Successful acquisition of Cottonwood Wash will result in the conveyance to each of the five Tribes in the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition a conservation and cultural use easement, ensuring that the property is never developed and that the Tribes will have access to the property’s unique cultural resources in perpetuity.

Together, we can protect this beautiful section of Cottonwood Wash, leveraging a small conservation acquisition into greater protections for and access to the third largest national monument in the lower 48 states.

One hundred percent of your donation supports the acquisition and stewardship of Cottonwood Wash.

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