Navajo Dam operations update May 17, 2023

San Juan River Basin. Graphic credit Wikipedia.

From email from Reclamation (Susan Novak Behery):

High snowpack in the San Juan River Basin this year has led to an above-average inflow forecast into the Navajo Reservoir.  The latest most probable inflow forecast from the Colorado Basin River Forecast Center has increased to 160% of average inflows due to snowmelt runoff from April through July.  

The forecast now allows for a spring peak release as recommended by the San Juan River Basin Recovery Implementation Program (SJRIP).  The release will ramp up slowly, peaking at 5,000 cfs for approximately 21 days before ramping back down.

As this operation is entirely dependent on weather, inflows, and on-the-ground conditions, this schedule may change.

The next changes are shown hourly below. The full daily schedule is posted on our website and is updated as needed.

This operation is subject to changes in river flows and weather conditions and will be coordinated daily with local, state, and federal agencies to ensure objectives are met in a safe manner.

Areas in the immediate vicinity of the river channel may be unstable and dangerous. River crossing may change and be impassable as flows increase. Please use extra caution near the river channel and protect or remove any valuable property in these areas.

6:00 AM2000
8:00 AM2200
10:00 AM2400
12:00 PM2600
2:00 PM2800
4:00 PM3000
6:00 AM3000
8:00 AM3200
10:00 AM3500
12:00 PM3800
2:00 PM4000
8:00 AM4000
10:00 AM4300
12:00 PM4600

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