#Snowpack skyrockets in #Colorado (January 10, 2022) after early season scare — Out There Colorado

From Out There Colorado (Spencer McKee):

Colorado’s snowpack continues to break away from the 20-year to-date median, with 48 inches of snow falling in some parts of the state this week and more snow on the way.

Colorado’s current statewide snowpack is at 130 percent of the to-date median, as of January 7. This compares to the state being at 51 percent of the to-date median snowpack a month ago, on December 7.

A look at how radical this jump has been can be seen on the chart below, with the black line representing the snow water equivalent this year and the green line representing the 20-year median. The steep vertical climb of the black line shows how rapidly snow has been falling.

Let’s take a look a how each river basin varies by percent of to-date median snowpack…

Colorado snowpack basin-filled map January 10, 2022 via the NRCS.

Arkansas River Basin: 98 percent

Colorado Headwaters River Basin: 132 percent

Gunnison River Basin: 148 percent

Laramie–North Platte River Basin: 145 percent

Upper Rio Grande River Basin: 97 percent

San Miguel–Dolores–Animas–San Juan River Basin: 135 percent

South Platte River Basin: 136 percent

Yampa–White–Little Snake River Basin: 131 percent

Colorado Drought Monitor map January 4, 2022.

Considering that 95 percent of the state was experiencing drought, as of January 4, we’ll take all the snow we can get.

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