6 Of Colorado’s 8 Major River Basins Remain Above Normal On #Snowpack (January 25, 2022) — CBS #Denver

Colorado snowpack basin-filled map January 24, 2022 via the NRCS.

From CBS Denver (Chris Spears):

After a slow start to the snow accumulation season in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains the jet stream finally brought a favorable storm track to the state during the month of December. Many river basins were able to build up a higher-than-normal snowpack within just a matter of weeks.

Since the arrival of the new year it has been fairly quiet with just a couple of weak storm systems passing through, but despite that, the snowpack is still above normal in six of the eight major river basins. The Upper Rio Grande and Arkansas river basins are the only two lagging behind but its not by much.

A new storm expected on Tuesday will bring light accumulations to most of the state but we could see some modest amounts fall across the two basins in the most need.

Westwide SNOTEL basin-filled map January 24, 2022 via the NRCS.

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