42nd Annual #Colorado Law Conference on Natural Resources: 2026 May Be Too Late: Hard Conversations About Really Complex Issues, June 16 and June 17, 2022 — Getches-Wilkinson Center

Colorado River “Beginnings”. Photo: Brent Gardner-Smith/Aspen Journalism

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This year marks the 42nd Annual Conference on Natural Resources at Colorado Law. Over its rich history, the conference has addressed many different natural resource issues. In more recent years, the Center’s summer conference has explored the major issues in water law and policy in the West.

There is no debate – demands for water across the Colorado River Basin exceed the shrinking supply. Chronic drought, record heat, increasing winds and aridity, as well as rampant wildfires are diminishing the Basin’s overall health and resilience.The historically low levels in Lake Mead and Lake Powell have invited unprecedented federal action and raise the specter of a looming energy crisis. To ensure a sustainable future, these harsh realities will require inclusive collaborations and innovative actions. We look forward to bringing together a broad array of expertise and diverse perspectives from across the region to candidly discuss these complex challenges. Please add your voice as we examine potential options to advance sustainable water management, expand basin-wide conservation in every sector, and strengthen watershed resilience.

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