Coyote Gulch’s excellent EV adventure — Sequoias Day 3

Coyote Gulch at the General Sherman tree Sequoia National Park August 1, 2022. Photo credit: Hellchild

We went up into Sequoia National Park on Day 3. The primary stop was to see the “General Sherman” tree which is largest tree in the world you are told by the NPS folks. It was quite an experience seeing the mixed forest of Sequoias, firs, etc.

We toured all day on one charge from our hotel — the Model 3 has good range. What a climb from the valley up to the area of the trees. On the trip down we picked up 7% charge from the regenerative breaking system. EV drivers love downhill just as bicyclist’s do. 🙂

Coyote Gulch attempting to hug a Sequoia near the General Sherman tree August 1, 2022. Photo credit: Mrs. Gulch

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