Coyote Gulch’s excellent EV adventure — Sequoias Day 5

Bear searching for dinner August 3, 2022 Sequoia National Park.

We drove to the General Grant Tree in Kings Canyon National Park area first thing to get in a hike and to see the many large sequoias in the area. The trails lead to trees named after the states. We then took the Generals Highway over to Sequoia National Park. There were lots of opportunities for “botanizing”. I have been informed that botanizing is the term you use when incorporating plant and tree observations into your enjoyment while hiking.

The Tesla Model 3 had more than enough range for the day. We picked up 7% charge from the regenerative braking system traveling down to the valley to charge at Traver, California for the next day.The car was at 38% when we hooked up, after starting the day at 95%.

Just for grins here’s a gallery of photos from Hellchild, Mrs. Gulch and myself.

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