Bennet: ‘Survival of the West’ in peril as drought drains #ColoradoRiver — The #Montrose Daily Press #COriver #aridification

Colorado River “Beginnings”. Photo: Brent Gardner-Smith/Aspen Journalism

Click the link to read the article on the Montrose Daily Press website (Katharhynn Heidelberg). Here’s an excerpt:

Among the compact’s provisions, the Upper Basin is required to release 75 million acre-feet on a 10-year rolling average, equating to about 7.5 million acre-feet a year.

But years of parched conditions have made that tough and the dispute between the Upper and Lower Basins over who needs to do more to conserve the water has only grown…

“It is a reality that the Lower Basin is using more water than they’re entitled to. That is a reality. We are using less water than we are entitled to (in the Upper Basin),” Bennet said.

“At the end of this, we need a solution that works for the entire Colorado River Basin. I believe that’s a solution that should be negotiated among the states … and then backed up by the federal government.”

One thought on “Bennet: ‘Survival of the West’ in peril as drought drains #ColoradoRiver — The #Montrose Daily Press #COriver #aridification

  1. I believe Solutions are to share. Move a bit of Osage and White River water for irrigation needs in Eastern Colorado. Take enough of the Colorado river to provide residential drinking for the increasing population of Eastern Colorado. Send a bit more back to the West. Push a little flood water from the snake River to refill the Great salt lake. Take a little more from the snake coming out of Yellowstone 100 mi to the Green River watershed. Push a a bit of the Mississippi from Louisiana to create pastures in West Texas and New Mexico. Sip a little Columbia River water to the fast growing Nevada consumers. Create grasslands in dry dry Eastern Wyoming and said a bit more to the Green River watershed from Montana or South Dakota Missouri water. All of these diversions would barely be noticeable and probably prevent flooding in many cases. Reward all those with a multitude of jobs and plenty for payments from those of us who see that greening the planet is an imperative. Thank you

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