Here are 5 things the #drought-parched West could do before taking Midwestern #water — The Desert Sun

Missouri River Reuse Project via The New York Times

Click the link to read the article on the Palm Springs Desert Sun website. Here’s an excerpt:

Hmmm. I found a recent letter to Midwesterners published rather insulting. I think the West needs to solve its own problems without making problems for other regions at a huge cost. Who is going to pay for the water transfer anyway? Certainly, Midwesterners don’t want to. A few suggestions for Western states:

  • Stop building golf courses that use tons of water and get rid of most of them.
  • Stop planting grass and plants that don’t belong in a desert and watering them day and night to grow
  • Replace water parks with something that fits into a desert area
  • Stop developers from building more homes and promising 100 years of water usage. Obviously, you are running out much sooner. City planners are not doing a good job about growth and water management in a region that was way overbuilt 20 years ago.
  • Reduce the asphalt and concrete poured to make roads and parking lots. No trees or greenery certainly doesn’t keep things cooler.
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    1. Golf course grass hurts the biosphere? Not only do we need the grass to consume CO2, but Midwest folks have a vested interest both financially and for the planet accommodating humans. Who would benefit from pipeline steel pipe products? Massive cheap solar and wind infrastructure? Cheap electric power. Surplus renewable to pump water west and raise to elevation for hydroelectric and recreational reservoirs? –All of you readers!!!

      1. Sooo, when the Midwestern water is gone, what is the next solution for EVERYONE? Keep going East until we hit the Atlantic Ocean?
        Perhaps figure out how to handle your own problems/ find a better solution before taking away someone else’s water.
        It’s always: “ I don’t have anything now because I failed to plan ahead and did what I wanted… so, I’m just going to take your stuff now.” SMH

        1. Lyn
          Who owns an and needs Midwestern water? If you like to fish why don’t you join my friend and I in Southwest Missouri. We could take a look at the excessive water that has flooded all of the docks, parks, and beaches during the summer. Oh yes later in the year that will provide hydroelectric power. Maybe I’m wrong but I see the value of that water that will end up in the dying ocean instead going to nourish grasslands that we have destroyed. Lyn who takes ownership of that destruction? Certainly not American natives. Maybe you might consider giving some of that excess water to the Navajo who replaced on land gratuitously by white folks who thought their land was worthless.

        2. Lyn
          I’m trying my best to relay tremendously creative ideas I have seen on YouTube and Coyote gulch. It would be really nice maybe for people who have not had the opportunity to see the research of How replenished grasslands inhabited by large herds of Buffalo are just sucking up the CO2 that we have polluted the planet with.

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